Where do the candidates stand?

Find out how the candidates for the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates feel about marijuana policy. Select your district below, or click here for a list of all the candidates in order of district.

Not sure which district you are in? Visit mdelect.net and enter your address to find out.

This voter guide features the candidates running for the state legislature in Maryland’s primary election, which will be held on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Click here for more information on how to register to vote. Please note that you can only vote in the primary of the party you are registered as a member of. (For example if you are registered as a Democrat, you can only vote in the Democratic primary.) Note that some larger districts in Maryland have three delegates (meaning you can cast three votes), while some only have one.

Candidates can respond to our survey at any time, and their responses are published as soon as they are received, so if you don’t see a candidate’s response, you can still ask them to answer our survey! Their contact information will appear under their name in the voter guide.

Please check back here again after the primary, as we will publish an updated voter guide before the November general election. Also, if you are registered as a Democrat, please check out MPP’s voter guide for the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, at www.mpp.org/mdgovernormj