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Press Release: Goucher Poll Finds 58% Support for Making Cannabis Legal in Maryland

Goucher Poll Finds 58% of Marylanders Support Making Cannabis Legal, Up From 54% in 2016 and 52% in 2015

Statement below from the Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition

BALTIMORE — A Goucher College poll released early Monday morning shows a strong and growing majority of Marylanders think it is time to end cannabis prohibition.

The survey of 776 Maryland residents found 58% support making cannabis legal, up from 54% in 2016 and 52% in 2016. Just 36% are opposed, down from 39% in 2016 and 44% in 2015. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 %.

The results come as Maryland lawmakers are considering legislation to regulate and tax cannabis similarly to alcohol.

Statement from Marijuana Policy Project Legislative Counsel Kate Bell on behalf of the Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition:

“There is a growing consensus among Marylanders that it is time to end cannabis prohibition. Most people do not think adults should be punished simply for using a substance that is less harmful than alcohol. The prohibition of cannabis is an ineffective, wasteful, and damaging policy that causes far more harm than cannabis ever could itself. Marylanders see other states adopting more sensible policies and they want their state to do the same. The public’s attitude toward cannabis is changing rapidly, and lawmakers are hearing the message louder and clearer than ever before.”

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