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Email Your Legislators

Ask your legislators to support taxing and regulating marijuana like alcohol for adults 21 and over.

Ask Your Organization to Endorse

Unions, civil rights groups, businesses, community organizations, and faith-based groups all have an interest in taking marijuana off of the criminal market and regulating it. Why not raise the issue with any group you belong to? Email us at [email protected] or call us at 410-630-1515 to let us know if you’re interested in working on an endorsement.

Write A Letter to the Editor

Here are some talking points to help you craft a letter-to-the-editor to your local newspaper:


– Letters are far more likely to be published if they respond directly either to breaking news or an article or commentary that was recently published. Sign up  for our mailing list and follow us on Twitter to stay updated on marijuana policy news in Maryland!

– Focus on one important point. Don’t try to address separate issues in one letter.

– Eliminate any non-essential words, such as “I think …” This will maximize your chance of being published.

– Be polite and concise. Never insult our opponents. Check the word limit at the paper to which you are submitting the letter to make sure it’s not too long, and try to keep all letters under 250 words.

– Create immediacy by indicating how readers will be affected by the issue you address when possible. Ask readers to take action whenever possible.

Talking Points – Tax and Regulate

– Marijuana prohibition has failed. Today, over 106 million Americans admit to having tried marijuana, and over 17.4 million say they have used it in the past month. [Source: National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2010]

– Marijuana prohibition has been just as ineffective, inefficient, and problematic as alcohol prohibition was in the 1920s and 1930s. Most Americans agree it is time to replace this failed policy with a more sensible approach. [Source: Gallup poll in October found 58% support for making marijuana legal for adults.]

– A majority of Marylanders agree it is time to replace marijuana prohibition with a system of strict regulation, legalizing marijuana for adults 21 and over. [Source: Goucher poll in February 2016 found 54% support for making marijuana legal for adults.]

– Marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol. It is less toxic, less addictive, and less harmful to the body, and it does not contribute to violent and reckless behavior. Adults should not be punished for choosing to use the safer substance. [Source: See http://www.MarijuanaIsSafer.org]

– By regulating marijuana like alcohol, we can take sales out of the hands of drug cartels in the underground market and put them behind the counters of state-licensed businesses that are creating legitimate jobs and paying taxes.

– Law enforcement officials’ time and resources would be better spent addressing violent and otherwise serious crimes instead of arresting and prosecuting adults for using marijuana.

For more talking points, including responses to arguments often made by our opponents, click here.


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